Monday, October 16, 2017

Me Too

There is a Facebook campaign going around about "me too." The idea is that if enough people who have experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault joined in with "me too," others would understand the scope of the problem. This is in direct response, or at least I assume, to the allegations that Harvey Weinstein, famous movie producer, is a serial sexual harasser and possible perpetrator of sexual assault. Or something like that... I was in Rwanda when this news broke. I came back to less the headlines than the Facebook posts about "why are these women only coming out now," and "why is everyone jumping on the bandwagon against him?" and "why didn't they say anything at the time."

I thought long and hard before I posted "Me too" on my Facebook page. I consider myself lucky: I've never been sexually assaulted. I have been sexually harassed. I don't have residual trauma over it. Sometimes I've wondered if the harassers really understood what they were doing was harassment. So I wondered "do I really have the right to say, 'me too?'"

Thursday, September 28, 2017


I'm confident America has gone absolutely bonkers, I'm tired, and I'm leaving for Rwanda on Monday. So, what better distraction than to talk about the dentist!

Even though I am at the new, competent, dentist, I still hate going. I don't exactly have a great history of dental care and concern, as evidenced here, here and here. But whatever, because I am occasionally compliant, I do in fact go for 6 month cleanings and check-ups. However, because dentistry will forever remain low on my priority list, I always schedule a visit for before work, because there is no way I am using work time for that crap. Also, I still, despite the cavities and the root canal, never floss until approximately one week before the visit, because frankly, I'm not convinced that not flossing caused any of those problems. Certainly, no dentist is going to convince me that not flossing has caused more damage than the stress-grinding that I do nearly every night on my teeth with such force that I've literally bitten through one mouth-guard. I'm the freaking Mike Tyson of sleep-biting, I kid you not.

Anyway, so this morning I had a the first appointment of the day at Josh's. I know, he's Doctor Josh C, DDS, but I cannot bring myself to call him doctor, and he's spent enough time with me in the last two years that if we aren't on a first name basis, that's a bigger problem than me not referring to him as Doctor. Plus, he's a dentist.

Someone remind me in the future that I really should drink coffee before I go to the dentist, despite the consequences. Yet, I never do, and then am perpetually slammed in the coffee-less face by overly perky, young cute extrovert mega-talk dental hygienist. This one this morning was especially outgoing and slightly batty, with the three-finger handshake of Victorian ladies that makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

Also, within 5 minutes of sitting down, she managed to tell me that she's originally from Oakland, but really, she's from Colorado because she was born in Oakland but moved here when she was a baby an doesn't remember Oakland and really, now she's been here for almost 24 years so that's almost like being a native, right, and...


Oh, and you are young. I get it. You were probably the top of the pyramid on your cheerleading squad too, right?

Seriously, nothing makes me feel more like Ally Sheedy in Breakfast Club or Janeane Garofalo in Romi and Michelle's High School Reunion like an overly perky dental hygienist at 8 in the freaking morning before I've had my fix from Gevalia, or Starbucks, or whoever the roast of the day is. I am totally over you and your pink bubblegum tooth polish and your floss.

Except she knows where I work and the dentist office loves my office, so I have to be nice. Mental note: find another dentist. They are out-of-network in your insurance anyway and you only go there because you are lazy and they are literally across the street.

As it turns out, the OPDHBC (overly-perky dental hygienist before coffee) can't, in fact, work on the cleaning and talk at the same time, so she spent a lot of time just sitting in the chair next to me talking, then stopping and doing something in my mouth, then stopping work again to say something inane. It was nearly as bad as the water pick they use to blast the plaque off your teeth.

Also, Josh got a partner. New dentist, this one with a beard! Seriously, OPDHBC told me his name but I didn't retain it. They both peered into my mouth and made noises about teeth, and the BOTH proceeded to tell me that I have "good home care" and my "teeth look good."


See above, and the flossing only a week before. I told you this stuff was made up witch-doctor nonsense!

They asked if I wanted a fluoride treatment.

No, thank you, I'll pass on that. I have city water.

I really, REALLY should drink coffee next time.

OPDHBC gave me another three-finger handshake on my way out. I'm pretty sure she would have hugged me, had it not been totally unprofessional (and, despite this post, I was nice to her.)

Monday, August 21, 2017

HailNo Chases the Eclipse

The setup
Like so many other Americans, our alarm went off at 3:30 this morning. Well, Eric's did. I was already awake, because the adrenaline from yesterday had me up most of the night, so I was making coffee and putting together road food by then.

By 4am, we were on the road, destination, Wyoming, in the path of totality for today's eclipse. We honestly debated if my going was a good thing, I mean, I did complete do a bit of a workout in the last 24 hours. But, I was feeling ok, so into the car I went, and then slept most of the way to Wyoming. Car sleeping is almost as good as camper sleeping!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Race Report: Pike's Peak Marathon

"I climbed a mountain, and I turned around..."
- Fleetwood Mac

I started training in February, and today was the day: the Pike's Peak Marathon.

This last week, Eric has played coach for me: checking to make sure I didn't run too much, got enough sleep, and wasn't disturbed... so from Wednesday on, he insisted on sleeping in the guest bedroom, where he didn't get much actual sleep. Saturday, we saw our friend Amy and my old co-worker Dave off on the Ascent, (which they both rocked!) and then Eric was on to ensuring that I didn't do too much, and was well-rested for race day. I owe him - including for nearly a week of missed sleep. Trust me, I know from missed sleep.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Charlottesville, 2017

This post was supposed to be a funny post about the dumb stuff that I'm up to as I train for PPM. But then Charlottesville happened... white supremacists marched, neo-Nazis bought torches at Home Depot and walked down the street with them, people saluted... and there was  counter-protest, then violence, then a white nationalist mowed down counter-protesters with his car in what I can only describe as an ISIS-inspired attack, killing one and hurting a bunch.

It is 2017.

And we have Nazis running around, and white nationalists in khaki pants and button-down shirts pretending respectability while spewing hate and vitriol. And killing people with their cars.

And I can't come up with a funny thing to say about my training, maybe tomorrow.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Megan Motel

Remember when we were kids and could sleep anywhere? I mean, it really didn't matter, when we were tired, we slept. When I was in college, I got tired and laid on the floor of our dorm, my legs in a pile of shoes, and fell asleep.

Yea, I wish I was still like that.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Hondon't, Subar-DO!

For the last eight years, I have been driving a 2007 Honda Civic. It's been fine. To be honest, I don't put too much thought in the vehicle that gets me from point A to point B... which is probably why I drive a Honda.

But since we moved to the mountains, the Civic has been a bit of a challenge. And by challenge, I mean it annoys the crap out of Eric that I have to take a running start with the car to get it up our driveway, and I routinely leave divots in the gravel and spit rocks at the surrounding scenery. This results in hummocks the size of large badgers in the drive. But I got up it daily.

However, driving a 2-door Honda Civic also means that our pull-the-popup-camper options (and most other road trips) are limited to HailNo. We've taken the Civic a couple of places but it just doesn't really cut it.

So, it was time for something else.